Born and raised in Albania, Mimoza was originally a civil engineer working for the government of Albania. She enjoyed her job but due to the rough state of affairs in Albania after the fall of communism she was forced to look for a better place to raise her family.

    This search led to her immigration to Canada at the age of 39 where she had to face the struggles of the language barrier and job search. In order to improve her english skills Mimoza started taking ESL courses. This soon landed her a job working as an assistant pastry chef for Carmen's Banquet Center. After some years she was promoted to head Pastry Chef in charge of a small group of bakers who made nearly all the cakes and pastries for Carmen's. Since then she has improved her skills further by taking classes in the art of wedding cake design and becoming the beloved cake designer we know and love.

    Mimoza is now the proud owner of www.mimozas.com, a small business based in Hamilton, ON, focused on creating beautiful wedding cakes and pastries and spreading smiles on newly-wed faces.